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BUY ETERNITY II PUZZLE - Worldwide Delivery

BUY ETERNITY II PUZZLE - Worldwide Delivery
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One of the fastest selling puzzles of all time is back with a fantastic $2 million prize on offer to the first person to complete the 256 piece puzzle… could be you!

Eternity II is the follow up to Eternity I which captured the imagination of thousands of people in the UK 8 years ago when a cheque for £1 million was handed over to a student who successfully solved the puzzle 18 months after launch.

Unlike most puzzles, which only have one correct way of completing the final solution, there are thousands of ways that Eternity II can be solved to win the $2 million prize. The puzzle consists of 256 square pieces that are bordered by coloured patterns which must be aligned across the whole puzzle.

When you have completed your puzzle submit your solution as fast as you can. All solutions submitted will be locked away in a vault until 31st December 2008. On 31st December all solutions will be opened in date order received and the first person with a complete solution wins $2million.

The final date for the correct solution of the Eternity II puzzle passes without a winner, and the $2m Prize for a correct solution to the Eternity II puzzle goes unclaimed.
The original £1m Eternity puzzle sparked a gaming frenzy in back in 1999 and this sequal raised the bar on puzzle prize funds even further – the prize $2 million!!
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Do you remember? Only 8 years ago, Eternity I captured the imagination of thousands of puzzlers across the UK and the student who solved the puzzle won one million quid, which was quite a lot of money at that time.

Everyones a winner: Winning the phenomenal prize money is only one of the reasons why solving this stupendous puzzle will make you a winner. Eternity 2 will give your brain a workout and help you to reduce your stress level.

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